November 29, 2023 - December 2, 2023

Dear colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 60th Oncology Congress, organized by the Serbian Medical Society Oncology Section, to be held from November 29 to December 2, 2023, at the renovated “Sava Centar”, in Belgrade, Serbia. As one of the oncology congresses with the longest tradition in Serbia and region, with diverse, multidisciplinary scientific program and speakers of great international impact, we are proud to say that the 60th Oncology Congress has received endorsement by the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO).

Main topics of this year’s scientific program are focused on innovations in the diagnosis and treatment of breast and lung cancer, gastric, gastroesophageal and locally advanced rectal cancer, gynecological malignancies and soft tissue sarcomas. Special topics in oncology that will be addressed include oncofertility in breast cancer patients, cardio-oncology, radiobiology, psycho-oncology, treatment of brain metastases and supportive oncology – digestive symptoms. In addition to these, participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with medical challenges in the digitalization era, scientific network in oncology and various projects in Serbia, as well as with current perspectives and future of oncology.

Alongside regular scientific sessions, we have organized two masterclasses with limited number of participants: Breast Cancer Masterclass, on systemic treatment of breast cancer, and Lung Cancer Masterclass, on diagnostics and multidisciplinary treatment of non-small cell and small cell lung cancer. Special ESSO Young Surgeons Alumni Club (EYSAC) session will introduce to the participants important activities and worldwide impact that ESSO and EYSAC have gained throughout years regarding scientific collaboration, education and networking, and Forum for Cancer Patients will address colorectal cancer, prophylactic contralateral mastectomies in breast cancer and HPV vaccination.

Co-organizers of the 60th Oncology Congress are Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia (IORS), Serbian Society of Surgical Oncology (SSSO), Serbian Society of Medical Oncology (UMOS) and Serbian Association for Cancer Research (SDIR).

We kindly invite you to join us at the Gala Academy, organized on the occasion of the jubilee, the 60th anniversary of Oncology Congress, to be held on November 28, 2023, from 6 p.m. at the Rectorate of the University of Belgrade, and afterwards, you are invited to join us at the Welcome cocktail at the Aeroclub (Uzun Mirkova 4/II), from 8 p.m..

See you soon!



  • iors

    Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia (IORS)

  • ssso

    Serbian Society of Surgical Oncology (SSSO)

  • umos

    Serbian Society of Medical Oncology (UMOS)

  • sdip

    Serbian Association for Cancer Research (SDIR)

International endorsement

  • esso

Executive organizer